Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fashion bloggers and enthusiasts love American Apparel

Many bloggers and fashion lovers love to wear American Apparel in their own way.
Here's the pictures of them. Enjoy!
Name: Girl photographed by Vanessa Jackman
From: Paris
Blog Link: Vanessa Jackman
Wearing: Women's Blazer,
Chiffon Oversized Button-Up,
Velvet Full Woven Skirt
and Velvet Tassel Loafer

Name: Valentina
From: London
Blog Link: Wayne Tippetts
Wearing: Chiffon Double-Layered Full Length Skirt

Name: Annabu
From: Germany
Blog Link: Bu The Right Thing
Wearing: Chiffon T-Shirt Dress

Name: Shini
From: London
Blog Link: Park & Cube
Wearing: Chiffon Oversized Button-Up


Name: Victoria
From: Barcelona
Blog Link: David Gomez
Wearing: Le New Big Tee-Unisex
and Chiffon Full Length Skirt

Name: Chloe
From: Barcelona
Blog Link: David Gomez
Wearing: Chiffon Double-Layered Shirred Waist Skirt
and California Fleece Cape


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