Monday, April 25, 2011

ch.11 Developing and Managing Products

 American Apparel adds and upgrades new products frequently. There are tons of new products for women in retail stores and online store recently.

For categories of new products, American Apparel's new products are included in new product lines and mostly addition to existing product lines. 
-New product lines : In April 2011, American Apparel launched its first line of jeans. The first styles in the American Apparel Jeans line 'Made in USA Jeans' will be constructed of a 14 ounce denim made of 100% cotton. The company has named Georges Atlan, director of denim to oversee the launch. Atlan launched Guess Jeans with Georges Marciano back in 1980, and has over 30 years of product development, factory management, and running his own businesses. The jeans are available in standard sizing, in a full size run in two washes. They can be found online and in American Apparel stores now. The launch began with a high-waist, tapered leg blue jean for women, and a high-waist, cuffed jean short for women. The company has plans for additional washes and more styles, including a men's heavy-weight denim jean.
-Addition to existing product lines: because of their wide product mixes and many product lines, they      add new products in new fabrics or new colors very frequently. In 2011, they expanded a lot of 'not-so-basic' items. For example, in  the dress line, they added chiffon A-line maxi dresses in 5 colors, the siren dresses in 2 colors, and cross back knit dresses in 3 colors for s/s to name a few.
In doing so, they intend to make customers visit the stores many times because customers are aware of American Apparel's frequent updating and know there will be something new in. Also, American Apparel tries not to loose customers' interests in their stores. As a customer myself, I visit American Apparel stores a lot to just check out their new product.

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