Wednesday, April 6, 2011

[new item review] visiting American Apparel store in Soho

I visited the American Apparel store in Tribeca to check out new denim line that has been launched lately, but the staff told me that only a few store in Soho, NYU, and lower east side have new denim line so I went to the store in Soho. The Soho AA store (429 Broadway New York, NY) displayed the show window with their new denim line.

When I went to the inside, I could find one denim shorts and two denim pants in two colors immediately because I focused on finding them.  But, people might not find them easily because it was not that outstanding. I picked up two denim pants and tried them on.

( I couldn't take a picture that i was wearing..) They were quite tight for me because it's a skinny jean or maybe I gained weight. It was very high-waist so I could tell you it's so American Apparel-y. The American Apparel's new denim line contains their unique style that can be found in their other pants. If you look for a denim in 80's style, check out AA's  new denim line. It's $80, but you know they were made in USA;) I will buy one.

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