Monday, February 14, 2011

Ethics and Social Responsibility

'American Apparel is vertically integrated.'
To American Apparel, Vertical Integration has many meanings.

First, it means 'Made in USA'.
 They employs over 7,500 people at their LA-area factories alone. Their income makes the local economy better through their spending and taxes. Also, keeping their factories local makes them to create good jobs that support families and communities.

Second, Sustaninability.
  Vertical integration brings them to reduces the company's footprint because they don't have to ship thousands of miles from third party vendors. They have organic line called "Sustainable Edition" that they buy organic cottons from the Cleaner Cotton Initiative in California. In addtion, they lend bikes to employees to use them when they commute.

Third, charity- corporate resposibility

  • In January 2010, American Apparel allocated and donated over 80,000 garments to support Haiti Relief. 20,000 pieces went to Fashion Delivers, 20,000 pieces to Operation USA, 15,000 pairs of socks went to Soles4Souls, among many others.
  • In May 2010, they donated roughly 15,000 pieces to Soles4Souls for the victims of the Nashville floods that caused over $1B in damages. As a Tennessee based charity, they were first relief group on the scene.

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