Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ch.17 Advertising and Public Relations

  Unlike their peers, American Apparel has been doing provocative and somehow controversial advertising. It helps them to set up unique character in the fashion world and become successful world wide. Like their products, they produce everything about advertisment in L.A. They don't need any help of ad agencies, retouchers, makeup artists or stylists. American Apparel's ads represent their authentic images and carry socially relevant messages that the company concerns. Interestingly, their models for ads are not 'models'; they are grils and boys next door. By appointing fans, friends and employees from around world as models, American Apparel has gained familiar image to come closer to young people. Their iconic ads show the diversity, individuality and independent spirit that the company was founded on. They display their ads on famous fashion blogs and magazines, such as thesartorialist.com, streetpeeper.com, Paper magazines and so on, whereas they don't do TV commercials. American Apparel's slogan 'Made in USA' emphasises vertical integration that is the company's business model. 
 They support to legalize 1.8 million undocumented adult Latino immigrants in L.A and other places so that they express their concerns in ads with the slogan 'Legalize L.A'.

images from thesartorialist.com ,streetpeeper.com

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