Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ch.6 Consumer Decision Making

First of all, who are American Apparel's consumers? They are 20 to 32-year old male and female in major urban market with disposable income and enjoy wearing clothes.
When a season changes, people want to have new clothes and t-shirts will come up on mind at first because it's easy to buy and wear.(Need Recognition) So, they decide to go shopping. Young adults,who are 20-32 years old, know many brands and stores to buy a t-shirt. But, whenever they look at fashion or music blogs, American Apparel's ad campaigns are easily seen. Also, in famous shopping spots, such as Soho in New York, American Apparel stores are located. People have seen cerebities and fashion people wearing American Ampparel's products. (Information Search) They may consider other brands to find a cheaper t-shirt. But in American Apparel, you can find well-fit t-shirts in various colors and designs which are proudly made in USA unlike other brands. (Evaluation of Alternatives) People can purchase American Apparel t-shirts in more than 285 retail stores in 20 countries and even online -www.americanapparelstore.com (Purchase) American Apparel costumers are satisfied that they bought a good quality t-shirt and also support vertically integrated business which creates good jobs in U.S.A.(Post-Purchase Behavior)

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